November 7-9,2018 Chengdu



Surface Mount Technology

Screen printers & accessories, Pick & place systems, Components feeding systems, Board handler conveyor systems, Chip carriers, Encapsulation equipment, Curing systems, Vision placement machines, Adhesives & dispensers, Chemicals

Soldering & Dispensing

Dispensing equipment, Dispensing material/adhesive, Coating equipment, Coating materials, Other Dispensing & Coating Equipment & Materials.

Intelligent manufacturing

The intelligent manufacturing system can not only continuously enrich the knowledge base in practice, but also has the self-learning function.

Electronics Manufacturing Automation

Robotics & Motion Control Equipment, Automation Equipment & Accessory , Conveyor, Tools, Assembly Equipment & Materials,industrial automatic information technology and control software, movement control devices

Printed circuit board

Single-sided board, Double-sided board, Multi-layer board, FPC, Rigid-flex PCB, High density interconnection, Package substrate, etc


Customer-centric, personal design, personal manufacturing as the core content, especially with innovative ideas, self-employed people.

Test & Measurement

2D/3D testing systems, bare board testing equipment, electronic component visual detector, film thickness tester, ICT equipment, AOI equipment, optical microscopes, PCB visual detectors, temperature, humidity testing, X-Ray equipment, etc.

Integrated circuits and components

A circuit required transistors, resistors,and inductors and other components and wiring interconnect together, made in a small piece of semiconductor chip.

Exhibition Highlights

With the enormous influence of NEPCON series exhibitions, abundant resource accumulation of national electronic industry over the past more than 35 years and rapid development in western China over nearly a decade, it’s a much-anticipated festival of electronic manufacturing industry in western China.

Expected to contact and communicate with about 7,000 elites of electronic manufacturing industry in southwestern China.

Abundant concurrent events for hot topics including surface mounting, automotive electronics, circuit board, new display, anti-static, intelligent manufacturing and electronic packaging.

Gathering about 200 domestic and foreign excellent exhibitors, showcasing new equipment and technology innovations.

Display SMT, welding and dispensing, testing and measurement, smart factory and automation technology, integrated circuits and components, printed circuit boards, automotive electronics, etc. in a satisfactory way.

Multi-channel promotion online and offline for keeping smooth exchanges in the industry and advancing effective match for supply and demand.

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